Sometimes, the simpler the kit, the more versatile it is. And that can definitely be said of core sliders. 

They’re light, easy to get the hang of and at the same time, extremely challenging, making them perfect for really getting a sweat on. By removing the grip between you and the ground, you have to work doubly hard to resist, move and support your bodyweight. 

And you can use them pretty much anywhere so they’re great for fitting in a great workout regardless of where you are or what you’re up to. 

What are core sliders? 

Core sliders are two-sided discs which can be used for both fat burning and strength training. They’re exceptionally versatile and even though they have the word ‘core’ in them, you can use them to get a full body workout. 

They engage multiple muscles at the same time which not only makes your training more efficient, but they make your body work harder too. 

Essentially, core sliders allow you to use your bodyweight to train with so you can get a challenging workout, without the level of skill and strength required for more complex callisthenics.  

How do you use core sliders? 

fitness expert uses mirafit core sliders for core and arm exercises

Core sliders have a smooth side and a side that’s covered in a thin layer of foam. You can use them both ways so the smooth side can be used on gym mats or if you’re at home, on carpet. And the foam side can be used on surfaces that don’t have much resistance, like a smooth wooden floor or vinyl flooring. You can also use this side for stretching style exercises where you want a more controlled movement. 

You can stand on them to work your legs, to do a range of exercises for strengthening as well as mobility and stretching. 

And then you can use them under your toes while in a press up position for exercises such as mountain climbers and pike planks. 

Place them under your heels to do glute and hamstring exercises such as glute bridges. 

And finally, you can place them under your hands to work your arms, shoulders, chest and core by doing things like kneeling slide outs, chest flyes and archer press ups. 

Full body workout plan using core sliders 

To show you just how easy it is to get a challenging, full body workout using just core sliders, we invited Becky Hair into the studio. 

Becky is a triathlete, physiotherapist and a personal trainer. She’s a big believer in strength training and uses it as a way to stay fit, progress and avoid injury. 

“Core sliders are a fab way of starting your fitness journey, or to add in a little extra for those ‘marginal gains’ to your sessions,” says Becky. 

“You can really highlight your asymmetries by using them, and it can help you see what you need to work on. They’re also super easy to use and really versatile for all parts of your body!” 

Below is Becky’s 10-minute workout which you can do at any time of the day. Do one round as an extra fat burner on top of your gym session. Or loop the exercises into a circuit to get a great workout in. 

Each exercise set lasts for one minute, with a few seconds’ rest in-between:

The exercises that Becky includes in her workout are as follows. We’ve put some of Becky’s notes underneath to help remind you of her key points: 

1) Single leg thrusts  

Time: 30 seconds each leg 

Points to remember: 

  • Bring your knees right up to your chest for full extension 
  • Don’t let your hips drop 
  • Keep your back and legs in-line with each other 
  • Keep your shoulders back 
  • Tighten your core 

2) Double leg thrust 

Time: 1 minute 

Points to remember: 

  • Keep your head up  
  • Keep your shoulders back 
  • Engage your core 
  • Remember to keep your feet level with each other 

3) Mountain climbers 

Time: 1 minute 

Points to remember: 

  • Bring your knees all the way up around the side 
  • Keep your hips raised 
  • Try to keep to the same tempo 

4) Planks with abduction 

Time: 1 minute 

Points to remember: 

  • Keep your core tight and engaged 
  • Keep your hips up 
  • Try to keep to the same tempo 

5) Kneeling slide outs 

Time: 1 minute 

Points to remember: 

  • Keep your knees directly under your hips 
  • Start with your hands directly under your shoulders 
  • Activate your core 
  • Keep your hips tucked in 
  • Try to keep your head up and your shoulders back 
  • Reach out as far as you can 

6) Glute bridges 

Time: 1 minute 

Points to remember: 

  • Place your feet around hip width apart and use just your heels on the sliders to activate your hamstrings 
  • Make sure your shoulders are flat on the floor 
  • Push your glutes up and keep your body raised off the floor for the whole exercise 

7) Back and side lunges 

Time: 30 seconds each leg 

Points to remember: 

  • Only slider is needed at a time – place it under the foot that is going to be moving 
  • Keep your core engaged 
  • Look up (not down at your feet) to help maintain good posture 

You can find out more about Becky via our Back To Basics with Becky Hair feature, on our blog. 

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