When you work out day-in day-out, it can be hard to maintain a high level of motivation.

Training becomes a chore and it feels like you're concentrating on what you should be doing – rather than what you could be doing.

But the good news is, with a few simple accessories, you can quickly invigorate your workouts, adding variety and most importantly – choice. That way, when you get to the gym, it's not just about making your way around the same machines each time. You can be creative with what you do and how you train to reach your goals.

Regardless of whether you're at the gym to get strong, lose weight, get fit – or all three!

And having your own accessories means you can plan in new activities both at home – or at the gym.

So, pack your gym bag, and check out our top 5 portable gym accessories to help shake up your workouts and stay motivated.

The kit:

1) Skipping rope

Skipping ropes tend to be seen in two locations: the playground and the boxing gym. But skipping is a massively under-used resource. It's fun and fantastic for cardio. Fast skipping burns so many calories and you can keep changing your style which makes it interesting.

The rope itself is light and easy to stuff away in your gym bag or carry round at the gym.

Short on time? Step outside and power through 15 minutes of skipping to get a real sweat on without a full trip to the gym.

It's much more fun than running on the treadmill and you can keep varying your speed to change up your heart rate.

Get yours here: Mirafit Skipping Rope

young woman using a mirafit skipping rope with a black t shirt on

2) Ankle strap attachment

Cable machines at the gym are really useful and fantastic for strengthening. And you they're really versatile too. Change up your resistance training and get away from the usual abductor/adductor regimen with an ankle strap.

Pieces like this are often so difficult to find at the gym – either that or you can only see handle attachments – not ideal when you're targeting your glutes and thighs.

By taking an ankle strap to the gym, you can vary your lower body work and power up those strengthening exercises, as well as get ahead with those all-important butt building exercises.

Get yours here: Mirafit Ankle Strap

3) Ankle weights

Getting away from the machines is great for helping your body get stronger. You can move more freely and more naturally. And it doesn’t matter what you're doing, you can start to build strength across your body – including your stabilising muscles – by using some ankle weights.

Cut down on the amount of time you spend in-between exercises, swapping over equipment, and superset your training by going from set to set.

You can use them on your arms too. And one of the best things about them is you can focus entirely on the movement and not worry about your grip – especially if you're holding weights above your head.

Get yours here: Mirafit Ankle Weights

young woman with white trainers on using the orange mirafit ankle weights

4) Hula hoop

Hula hooping is fun and fantastic for your core. It's also a great way of mixing up your training regime so you're not doing the same thing all the time.

And it's also something you don't normally see down at the gym so another great way to invigorate your workout.

The hula hoop breaks down into six light pieces which can easily be packed away in your gym-bag and brought out whenever you need. Fantastic as an add-on to your core work, as well as giving you a new activity to look forward to.

Get yours here: Mirafit Ridged Hula Hoop

young woman using the orange and black mirafit weighted hula hoop

5) Sliders

Sometimes the more simple a piece of equipment is, the more enjoyment you get out of it. And it's usually more versatile too.

These Mirafit Sliders are so easy and light, you can take them down to the gym or even just use them on your kitchen floor!

And they're not just for working your abs either. You can use them to train up your thighs, arms, chest and hip flexors. And they even give you a great cardio workout too.

Use them on your hands, feet or on all fours.

Get yours here: Core Exercise Sliders

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