There are two types of people in this world: 

  1. Those who love battle ropes. 
  2. Those who don't know what a battle rope is yet. 

Well – we think so anyway. 

Battle ropes are a fantastic training tool and after you've used one, it's hard not to get hooked. 

What are battle ropes? 

Battle ropes are thick, heavy ropes which are most commonly used for strength and conditioning.  

They come in a range of lengths which also dictates how heavy they are. The longer the rope, the heavier it is. 

Our battle ropes come in 9m, 12m and 15m variations and weigh 7.2kg, 9.4kg and 11.8kg respectively. 

They’re great for working your arms, as well as your back, shoulders, quads and core. 

How do you use battle ropes? 

Battle rope exercises combine strength, endurance and cardio training - they cover so many bases and that’s what makes them so effective.  

Double your battle rope up so you have an end in each hand. Anchor the rope in the middle or wrap it around something so that it stays in place, and you’re ready to work out. 

Battle rope workout 

Below we’ve listed our top 10 battle rope exercises for a full-body workout. 

1) Alternating waves  

A classic battle rope move that mainly works your upper body. Lift one arm up and then the other to create waves down the rope. Do this as fast and as high as you can. Widen your stance and soften your knees to gain a more secure resistance against the rope. This can also be performed while seated to increase the intensity. 

2) In and out waves  

This exercise really works your chest and pecs. Bring both arms in simultaneously so they cross over, and then back out. Alternate top and bottom. 

3) Two-handed waves 

Raise both ends up at the same time and slam both rope sides down onto the ground simultaneously. Doing both sides at the same time means you have to really engage your core for stability and strength. Perform this exercise while seated for an extra challenge. 

4) Clockwise swings 

This exercise is great for your chest, pecs and arms. Circle your arms clockwise for an intense upper body workout. 

5) Counter-clockwise swings 

As above but this time, counter-clockwise to work the other side. 

6) Jumping Jacks with a battle rope 

These are star jumps while holding the rope ends. They’re fantastic cardio and great for working your shoulders. Hold the ends of the rope so they’re pointing upwards and then jump up and out, then back in. 

7) Power slams 

These are like two-handed waves but with much more power. With this exercise, you’re focusing on being explosive rather than maintaining speed.  

8) Ski slams  

Lift your arms up and then bring them back down as you move them from side-to-side. This exercise is great for your glutes, quads, lower back and arms. It’s excellent cardio too.  

9) Jumping squat slams 

Like power slams, this exercise is all about being explosive. While in a squat position, jump up with the rope and then slam it back down. 

10) Fireman’s carry 

Fold the rope up and then sling it across one shoulder. Perform sprints while carrying the rope. Swap sides halfway through to even the load.  

How long should a battle rope workout be? 

mirafit battle ropes set up outside

Battle ropes are hard work. You also want to make sure that when you’re training with battle ropes, that you put your all into each exercise. So, the focus really is on speed, power and explosivity.  

When doing our battle rope workout, do each exercise for a minute with a minute’s rest in-between.  

Cut it down to a 30 second rest if you want a challenge. 

After making your way through each exercise, take a 5-minute rest and then start again. 

Complete 3-5 full circuits. 

What body part do battle ropes work? 

fitness expert uses mirafit battle ropes to do power slams

Exercise ropes work your whole body. And by varying the exercises you do with your ropes, the more you can work your muscles to get a great workout in.  

When doing simple two-handed waves, for example, you’ll feel it working your back, core, arms and quads. 

You can also use your ropes to do exercises such as Russian twists to intensify the exercise. 

Are battle ropes good for fat loss? 

Battle ropes are brilliant for torching fat. By targeting several areas at once, you can get your heartrate up really high. And using them regularly will really help you stay on track with your fitness goals.  

Are battle ropes good for cardio? 

Battle ropes are all about speed and power which means they really get your heartrate up high. So, not only is rope training great for strengthening but it’s also fantastic cardio. Perfect for when you’re looking to get the most out of your workouts.  

How to set up battle ropes 

fitness expert performs alternating waves using mirafit battle ropes

First things first, you’ll need to anchor your rope. There are a few different types depending on where you want to train: 

 • Circular Battle Rope Anchor – this type can be secured to walls, floors and ceilings, depending on where you are and how you want to train. 

• Strap Anchor – this one has two straps and a carabiner clip so you can secure your rope to fences, posts and trees without damaging anything. 

• Anchor Chain – this is a strong and durable anchor that you can use to secure your rope to pretty much anything. 

• Outdoor Ground Spike – no trees or lampposts required for this one – just stick it in the ground, loop through your rope through and you’re ready to work out. 

• Ground or Wall Anchor – this is a permanent fixing point for your battle rope and is perfect for the patio, garage or wherever you train. 

The spike is a great solution for anyone using the garden or the local park to train as it can be secured and removed quickly and easily. Plus, you don’t need any specific features – apart from some grass – to be able to use it. 

NB Make sure you find a patch of compact soil, so the anchor can be secured. And pay attention to flower beds/wildlife/toes before you start stabbing twildly… 

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