Whatever your fitness and training goals, there’s a good chance that you’re going to find a deadlift or a deadlift variation within your program. It’s a staple exercise, one that’ll provide real benefits for nearly every trainer.

But, when it comes to home setups, people often load up a barbell, pop it on the floor, and get to work without realising they’re missing out on new personal records because their equipment isn’t supporting them in the right ways.

That’s why our team has been hard at work to design, build, and test the ultimate deadlift accessory to make sure you’re leaving nothing in the tank — so the only thing holding you back, is you.

The new Mirafit deadlift platform

If the deadlift is a foundation exercise for all types of training, then the deadlift platform is the literal foundation you’re going to want to train with.

Why? Here are five reasons why you should consider installing a deadlift platform at home.

Reason #1 — It protects your home

If you’re working out at home, there’s no doubt that one of your biggest concerns is damaging not just your gym space, but the place you live. When you’re dealing with heavier weights, especially those made of cast iron, dropping - or sometimes even lowering - a barbell on a cement floor covered with a rubber mat can lead to damage.

And, while you might not notice it at first, when it comes to moving the mats, you could find yourself with a costly and time-consuming patch job when you discover the cracks or crumbling cement hidden beneath.

A good-quality lifting platform eliminates this problem, protecting your floor, and making sure there are no surprises if it comes to moving your equipment out.

Reason #2 — It protects your equipment

If you’ve invested a lot of hard work and money into your home setup, the last thing you want to see is a compromised barbell, or worse, a cracked weight.

While a simple rubber mat will help protect lighter weights being lowered gently, they won't keep your equipment safe once you start to add the extra plates or begin to drop the bar from shin height.

We use specially designed 1½ inch thick TUV approved rubber mats that will prolong the life of your equipment by absorbing some of the force heavier weights produce. Or, by purchasing the sturdy frame only, you could build your super-strong platform reinforced with wood.

Reason #3 — It will reduce noise

One of the biggest home-gym challenges that nearly all lifters face is how to reduce the noise a loaded barbell makes when it hits the ground.

Even with a basic rubber surface, your new personal best can often be heard across the house through the announcement of an almighty thud. And, if you’re the type for late-night workouts or sunrise lifting sessions, that might not please your family or neighbours.

Our platform’s 1½ inch thick rubber mats considerably reduce the amount of noise you’ll make when lifting, so you can train just as hard whenever it suits you.

Reason #4 — It makes you stronger

Okay, so it’s not going to add 20kg to your lifts overnight, but it will help you to feel better while lifting and could unlock some extra effort you didn’t know you had.

If you’ve ever stood on a professional-grade lifting platform, then you probably already know what we mean here. If you haven’t, then we’ll try to explain it some more. To begin, there’s the impact reduction. When you lower a lot of weight, you’ll often feel the shock of the bar travel up your arm, even if you keep it under control. A solid, but forgiving, deadlift platform can reduce this unpleasant feeling.

Then there’s the sturdiness and evenness of the surface. While it might seem perfectly flat, there’s a good chance that even the smallest grooves, level changes, or bumps in your concrete floor will make your body unstable. Add a slight elevation and a completely level surface beneath your feet, and you’ll feel a world of difference.

And, if you decide to fit the resistance band poles, you could add an entirely different tactic to your deadlift routine by incorporating strongman-style techniques to train for speed, as well as increased weight.

Reason #5 — It looks incredible

Good looks won’t affect your ability to lift, but they do uplift your home-gym aesthetics. From the laser-cut Mirafit emblems on the reinforced corner bracing to the black powder-coated 11-gauge steel frame, our new deadlift platform is built to look great after the toughest of workouts.

Customise your fit

Each person's training needs are as unique as their bodies, and progression is done at our own pace. There’s no need for resistance band poles if you’re still learning the deadlifting basics, and even the best rubber mats might not be supportive enough for the heaviest of lifters.

We've made it possible to order our deadlifting platform in a variety of configurations, so you can fulfil your exact needs, without paying for the accessories you don't.