The weight bench is one of the most versatile pieces of gym equipment available and, if used properly, can transform your workout routines as well as your body.

But if you’re not sure how best to use the bench, it can often get neglected and used for other things - like as just a regular bench when people come over and you run out of seats.

Luckily we’re here to get you up to speed with a few simple weight bench exercises you can quickly get to grips with and build on for impressive results.

Follow our beginner’s guide to get you started and pretty soon you’ll wonder how you ever lifted without it.

All you need for this workout routine is a workout bench and a pair of dumbbells.

Weight bench workout for beginners

Fitness expert performing a bench press on a mirafit weight bench

1. Chest – Dumbbell Bench Press

The weight bench is a fantastic piece of kit for working chest muscles using the dumbbell bench press. To perform this exercise, lay flat on the bench and place your legs either side so that your feet are flat on the floor. Grab a dumbbell in each hand and lift them up together towards the ceiling in a controlled manner until your arms are straight up above your chest. Then slowly lower the weights down to your chest and repeat.

Tip: Adjust the gap between your arms to work different muscles.

Muscles worked: Pecs, Triceps, Anterior Deltoids, Lats

fitness expert on a mirafit weight bench doing bicep concentration curls

2. Arms (Biceps) – Bicep Curls

Bicep curls are a concentrated way to build arm strength. To perform a bicep curl, sit on the bench with your legs to the side, spread apart, so that your feet are on the floor. Pick up a dumbbell with one hand and lock your elbow against your knee joint on the same side. Keep your wrist rigid and straight as you raise the dumbbell up to your shoulder and lower it again, keeping your elbow pressed against the inside of your knee as you lift. Swap arms between sets.

Tip: Rest the palm of your free hand on your thigh to improve posture as you lift.

Muscles worked: Biceps

fitness expert on a mirafit weight bench doing lying tricep extensions

3. Arms (Triceps) – Lying Triceps Extension

To perform this exercise, which builds triceps and works shoulders simultaneously, lay flat on the bench so that your head is level with the top edge. Grip one dumbbell vertically with both hands, so that the bar points upwards towards the ceiling, and lift the weight up over your head with your arms bent. Slowly lift the weight from behind your head to up and above your chest with your arms out straight and repeat.

Tip: Start light and increase weight gradually to maintain good form and exercise safely. 

Muscles worked: Triceps, Shoulders

Fitness expert performing a single arm bent over row

4. Back – Dumbbell Row

The weight bench is brilliant for building a strong back with the dumbbell row. Stand upright at the foot of the bench and place your left knee on the top. Your right leg should be straight and slightly to the side. Lean your weight over onto your extended left arm, pressed against the top of the bench. Once in position, pick up your dumbbell with your right arm and lift it up level with your chest. Extend your right arm downwards, pushing the weight out towards the ground, and then back up. Repeat several reps and swap sides between sets.

Tip: Squeeze your back muscles as you lift the weight level with your chest.

Muscles worked: Rhomboids, Rear Deltoids, Trapezius, Lats

With all of the exercises above, the weight bench crucially provides a solid and secure platform to help focus training on specific muscles.

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