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We’re at the start of a new year, and, as we make our resolutions and commitments to revisit our fitness goals, planning how we’re going to kickstart our bodies after a slower year is a challenge that nearly everyone faces.

Easing back in

Man doing a push up holding a Mirafit tyre tread slam ball

Maybe you’ve kept busy by working out at home, pushed your cardio further than before, or taken the time to give your body a rest — however you focussed on your fitness, it probably wasn’t at the same pre-Covid intensity that you’re used to.

1 - Take your time

Jumping back into your old habits could overwhelm your body and your mind. While your first few sessions might feel great, a rigorous routine could leave you feeling defeated after just the first few weeks. Not forgetting the higher risk of injury that your under-utilised muscle groups face when returning to exercising. Take your time and let your body adjust.

2 - Focus on form

Quality reps trump heavy lifts. While you may have perfected form before lockdown, you’ll be all too tempted to abandon good body positioning to revisit your old weight levels when you return. Don’t. Slow down, be conscious of your mind-muscle connections, and think about your breathing.

3 - You still need rest

We’ve all missed our training routines, and we’re excited to kickstart our fitness after New Years’ indulgence too. But, don’t commit to the six-day program you remember. You take one day off, your body takes none. It works hard every single day to grow, repair, and replenish. Consistent, frequent rest days are essential to long-term health.

4 - Find time for sleep

You already know that your body and mind need to rest, so don’t skimp on your sleep. Working out after taking a period off is going to fatigue you more than you may remember. If you find yourself feeling exhausted or your muscles are lacking in burst energy, try heading to bed a little earlier, or drop the morning alarm on your days off.

Working Out at Home

Even as we take positive steps in keeping the country healthy, protecting ourselves and those around us is still our number one priority. Putting some effective, and easy-to-store home gym equipment on your wish list could be the post Christmas pick-up you’re looking for.


man demonstrating a lunge on an exercise mat holding dumbbells in a living room

Dumbbells might be compact, but they’re one of the best pieces of equipment for beginners and advanced weight lifters alike attempting to kickstart their fitness at home. And as they’re so versatile, you won’t need any other accessories to perform a wide range of exercises.

Keep an eye on our blogs for dumbbell routines you can do at home, including Training with Dumbbells: Back and Training with Dumbbells: Chest workouts.

Resistance Bands

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Resistance Bands are perfect for working out at home. They’re easily stored away, extremely cost-effective, and are unlikely to lead to any injuries through use. And, just like dumbbells, you’ll be able to tone your arms, grow your chest, and even train your endurance with impressive results.

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Fitness model demonstrating the turkish get up exercise with a kettlebell

Beginning their life as counterweights in 18th-century Russia, Kettlebells have become one of the best ways to improve your endurance and strength training with nothing more than a small floor space.

Put your endurance to the test, and see if you can complete our 25-exercise kettlebell workout.

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