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Mirafit Resistance Bands

Our Resistance Bands come in a range of sizes and are suitable for a wide variety of exercises. Use them on their own or with a pull up bar or squat rack to stretch, strengthen and rehabilitate. A great addition to any home or garage gym.
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  • Mirafit resistance Bands 
  • Available in a choice of resistance levels: 
    • #1 green or grey (15-25lb)
    • #2 green or grey (45 -50lb)
    • #3 orange (75-100lb)
    • #4 orange (100-120lb)
    • #5 black (120-175lb)
    • #6 black (175-230lb)
    • Full set - includes one of each band (#1 and #2 in green)
  • Versatile fitness bands are the perfect addition to a vast variety of exercises
  • Helps develop and strengthen specific muscle groups, improve flexibility, mobility and muscle power
  • Effective in both upper and lower body training
  • Weight trainers can incorporate bands into exercises such as bench press, deadlifts and press ups
  • Great for working on balance and general stretching in Yoga and Pilates
  • Perform a variety of shoulder exercises with resistance bands
  • Also ideal for physiotherapy and rehabilitation users
  • Suitable for both men and women of all ages and abilities
  • Non-snap 100% natural latex construction
  • Measurements (total length X width X thickness): 
    • #1: 208cm X 1.3cm X 0.45cm
    • #2: 208cm X 2.1cm X 0.45cm
    • #3: 208cm X 3.2cm X 0.45cm
    • #4: 208cm X 4.5cm X 0.45cm
    • #5: 208cm X 6.4cm X 0.45cm
    • #6: 208cm X 8.3cm X 0.45cm

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