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Mirafit M3 Olympic Dumbbell Bars

Our M3 Loadable Dumbbell Bars are available in singles or pairs and pack a superior specification and strength rating to our standard Olympic dumbbells. Finished in hard chrome they are available with a regular 17cm sleeve or a shorter 10cm version.
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  • Mirafit M3 Olympic Dumbbell Bars
  • Available in a choice of two sleeve lengths
    • Standard 17cm sleeve ideal for heavy lifters
    • Short 10cm sleeve for improved maneuvaribility - ideal for lighter, rep based work
  • Mirafit's M3 bars feature a superior specification over standard models and are SGS certified to 300kg (660lb), providing the assurance you'll never overload them
  • Ultra-durable hard chrome sleeves with black zinc centre
  • Bronze bushings with uprated bearings for a smooth, reliable spin
  • Thicker 28mm knurled grips match the diameter of our M3 barbells
  • M3 branded Mirafit end caps
  • Suitable for use with all 2" Olympic weight plates
  • Specification:
    • Bar weight: 4.4kg (9.7lb) or 6.36kg (14lb)
    • Bar length: 37.5cm (1.2ft) or 51.5cm (1.7ft)
    • Grip diameter: 28mm (1.1")
    • Centre length:
      • 10cm Sleeves: 15cm (0.5ft)
      • 17cm Sleeves: 14cm (0.4ft)
    • Sleeve diameter: 50mm (2")
    • Sleeve length: 10cm (4") or 17cm (6.7")
    • Load testing: 300kg/660lb (sgs tested)

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